Gig Memories: Sèbastien Tellier

Let me talk a little about Sèbastien Tellier.


Not only has he competed at Eurovison, which usually means he would be a ballad king or a gaudy pop sensation, he is actually also a fantastically gifted musician. Oh, also, he is French.

He writes the most beautiful music. And also sometimes the strangest. But that makes me love him more. I think I appreciate artists whose musical style varies. It seems more natural to me. Change is part of life after all, and a lot of the time a mark of growth.

I was lucky enough to catch him at Parklife in Melbourne a few years ago and he wore sparkly pants and a big, white (although not quite puffy enough to satisfy Jerry Seinfeld) shirt and big black sunglasses – the kind your grandpa wears over the top of his normal glasses – and he sat at his piano and played La Ritournelle. It was beautiful and perfect and I wanted to cry and also just spend the rest of my life smiling.

Please give him a chance. He may have a strange penchant for bearded ladies and glittery items of clothing, but he is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy Sunday.

Apart from La Ritournelle, I recommend listening to Fantino, Divine and if you’re into remixes, this version of his song Cochon Ville (it’s a bit Bowie, a bit New Order, a bit Human League which is basically a recipe for a pretty cracking song).


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